G FUEL is a brand by Gamma Labs LLC which is a daughter company of Gamma Enterprises LLC.

The company first came out with testosterone-boosters and pre-workout formulas. Later G FUEL energy formula was added to the product catalogue. At first the packing also looked more like a supplement, later on the packing changed to it’s current shrink wrapped packing. Also 2019 is the start of the G FUEL fluid beverages.

Although the idea for the energy formula was born in 2008 it took the company 4 years to launch the product.

Brand:G FUEL
Owner:Gamma Enterprises LLC (mother organization)
Founded:2004 (2012 G FUEL launched)
Founded by:Clifford Morgan
Country:United States
City:New York
Ownership:Privately Held
Main Product:Energy Formula’s (powdered energy drinks)
Other info:Has received several rounds of external funding


G FUEL has a variety of product, mainly divided into the following segments:

– Energy Formula (powder)
– Energy Formula (popping crystals)
– Shakers
– Hydration Formulas
– Merch (t-shits, caps etc.)

Flavours are hard to keep up with. G FUEL has temporary flavours as well as long lasting ones. The most popular flavours at EDS are:

1. Cotton Candy
2. Blue Ice
3. Black on Blackberry
4. Tropical Rain
5. Sour Blue Chug Rug