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We, the founders of EnergyDrinkShop all worked at the same photo and video production company. In this industry long working days aren’t uncommon. Not the most healthy, but a fun life style. We also work on websites for our bigger customers and the webshops for our sister companies. To be able to handle these long days (and just because it tastes good), we’ve started drinking energy drinks. Back in the day it was mainly Monster Ultra.

After one of us (who’s in the 9-year old army of PewDiePie) heard of G FUEL, he ordered a lot from the US to safe some money on shipping and because it was hard to get in The Netherlands.

One of the other guys jokingly said “we should build a webshop so you can sell the stuff” an idea was born. Because we like to drink all kinds of stuff, we immediately contacted most brands for partnerships.

EnergyDrinkShop was born and currently you’re browsing the result.

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